Strike force of an agency - Flexibility of a collective.

As collective of freelancer your project will get benefit of :


Experience of senior talents who builded their own business based on client satisfaction

Yeah, bottom line it’s mean that isn’t an intern who will do the job - but talents with a strong experience.
On top, we all have a « business point of view » due to our freelance experience.

Talents with multicultural background, driven by passion

From the alpiniste expert to fine food lovers, our team is made of passionate. Most of us are self made filmmaker and bring a mixed approach in their images. For exemple : Julien is a confirmed Alpiniste. No problem to follow you with a camera in a 6b+

Network of professional in all areas of creation

Yes, we aren’t anymore 20, and it make me sad. But During all those years we meet (and more important) worked with many people of the industry. We sorted between the average, the good and the talented, between the psychopath and the nice guy’ you want work with.

A collective

If one of us is sick (it suck) or enjoying a day of fresh powder in mountain , the job continue to be done. That why we create the Krew collective.

Cost efficiencies

You speak directly to the guy’s who handle the camera and edit the video. No more lost info or delay