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Freeride World Tour

Freeride is the purest form of ski and snowboard. An unaltered, natural mountainside with no set course and no clock. An international field of elite athletes all have a chance, and the best top-to-bottom run wins. It is the ultimate expression of freedom and personal style on snow-covered mountains, and the Freeride World Tour is the arena where the world’s top riders come together to determine who among them is the best.


Our collaboration started in 2016 - Capture and editing of social media content + Mountain cameraman during the live event.

  • Client

    Freeride World Tour

  • Prod.

    Aurelie Gonin, Emile Lavoie

  • Photo

    Jeremy Bernard, Dom Daher

Freeride World Tour 2019

Kicking Horse (Golden BC - Canada) - Highlight Men

Swatch Freeride World Tour 2017

Backstage - Verbier (CH) Grande Finale

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